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Сakes for children

Cake based on the cartoon “Cars”
Cake with macaroon
Masha and the Bear cake
Spiderman Cake
Cake “Cars” from mastic
Boy or Girl Cake
Cake “Kid on a bike”
Gender cake
Tik Tok cake
Cake “Driving school”
Cake decorated with marshmallows
“Among Us” cake
Anime hero topper cake
Anime cake for a girl
Cake for a year with a bear and balls
Blue cake with teddy bear
Cake “Standoff 2”
Cake with hieroglyphs
Cake based on the game “Minecraft”
Cake “Brawl Stars” and “Minecraft”
Cake for a boy 5 years old
Cake with topper “Brawl Stars”
Cake for a girl for 9 years
Cake for a boy for 2 years
Cake for 8 years old girl
Ninja Turtle Cake
Racing lover cake
Cake Fortnite with gingerbread
Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura cake
Big cake for 1 year for a boy
Kakashi from Naruto cake
Cake with a figurine of a steam locomotive from mastic
Football cake

Children’s cakes to order in Kiev

A child’s birthday is a very important event in his life, and in the life of his parents and all relatives. Every baby’s date is important, especially if it is the first holiday. To please a child on his birthday, you can order a cake with a unique design.

You can choose a cake for a child on our website or provide your own version, we will make it for you and deliver it anywhere in Kiev and the region.

Order a baby cake from “Lulu” confectionery

Children’s cake, a wonderful treat that all children love. It is impossible to find such a child who does not like to eat something sweet. Adults, just like their kids, love sweets. One of the main and brightest moments on a birthday or other holiday is a children’s cake. Beautifully decorated birthday cakes, or any other occasion, will delight not only your child, but also his friends. Cake is a great choice for a holiday for your kid. You can order a children’s cake in a store, or even better – order an exclusive cake online or in specialized stores.

This can be done easily and without problems. A custom-made cake is distinguished by its uniqueness. You can buy cakes of good quality in stores, but they do not have the most important thing – this is the originality that is present in the design. The unique design of the cake and delicious filling will add originality to your event.

Also, custom-made cupcakes are a great alternative or addition. You can also apply any drawing or inscription on them just like on a cake.

Order a birthday cake with an original design

Well, now anyone can order a birthday cake with the most original design. Thus, you can either please yourself on your own holiday, and make an unforgettable gift to a friend or loved one. And if you order a cake for a child’s birthday, there will be no limit to the joy of the child.

Of course, it is important to guess not only with taste, but also with design. For himself, a loved one can easily pick up what he likes, but you need to leave the guests satisfied. And if you order a cake for a friend’s birthday, you need to carefully and unobtrusively study his tastes – then the gift will certainly be priceless!

But the most difficult choice with decoration you will have when you decide to order a cake for your child’s birthday. There are two options here – to discuss the design in a co-creative union with the baby, or to prepare a surprise. In the second case, you need to be especially aware and sensitive to the tastes of the child.

What filling to choose for a baby cake?

The appearance of a cake on a children’s birthday, yes, in fact, on any other celebration in honor of children, is the culmination and the most important moment. The child and guests should be pleased with the taste of the cake, but also take into account that this dessert does not harm health. Here are the rules for choosing fillings:

  • Desserts for children should be made entirely from natural products and ingredients. And preferably one that the child has already tried before. The safest cakes for the health of children are made on the basis of cottage cheese or yogurt. You can use fillings such as: carrot with sour cream, light biscuits with fruit soufflé. A more difficult option, but also quite acceptable, is muffin dough or biscuit. Even the smallest can be allowed to enjoy such a cake;
  • Chocolate and chocolate desserts are not recommended for children under three years old, as they can cause allergies. Also, do not use oily cream and the like. Only children from six years old can cakes with such fillings and decorations. It is better to give preference to recipes based on yogurt, sour cream or low-fat cream;
  • The quality of the ingredients for baby cakes is very important! Apply to order a baby cake only in those pastry shops where, as you know, they are not trying to reduce the cost of making a cake using food substitutes, artificial chemical fillers (vegetable cream, chocolate glazes, not chocolate, spreads, not butter, etc.) ). When choosing desserts for a child, you should not give preference to the lowest price. Do not risk the health of your child and other children. Ask pastry chefs first for quality certificates, ask friends for recommendations, or read reviews of the pastry shop on the Internet.

Children’s cake decoration

For a child’s cake, the appearance is one of the most important moments, because the child is waiting for the “wow” effect from his delicacy. Imagine his delight if he gets dessert in the form of his favorite superhero, car or princess! However, here you need to use the rules so that the decor does not harm, but only pleases the children.

Fruit decoration of cakes for children is especially popular. Only fresh fruits and berries are used. Remember that when ordering a cake with fruits, choose only those to which the child is not allergic.

Mastic decor for children’s cakes is a very popular option. This material (mastic) is very plastic, and therefore a wide variety of shapes can be made from it. The mastic itself is very dense and sweet, which makes the cake heavier. The material is based on ingredients such as egg whites and powdered sugar, marshmallows or marshmallows are also used. If dyes are added, then only natural ones.

Cream decor is no less popular than mastic. It has the advantage of being lighter in taste and more fluffy, in addition, it is lighter in weight (which is reflected in the price of the cake).

Cakes are also decorated with photo prints – a great solution for many children’s desserts. You can depict anything on the cake – from a character from a fairy tale or a cartoon to a portrait of your child.

Remember that it is possible and necessary to place numbers with the number of the child’s years on a children’s birthday – this greatly individualizes a sweet surprise. You can even order a cake in the shape of this number.

Be careful about the inedible decor on children’s cakes: you can use balls, ribbons, flowers, toy figures, but in this case, watch out for the children of the cake – before cutting it, you need to remove the inedible elements for safety reasons.

Children’s birthday cakes to order in Kiev and the region

Probably nothing can please a little sweet tooth more than a large multi-colored cake. The cake is made single-tiered for small companies of children, and two-tiered. The second tier can be made in the form of cars, balls, fairy-tale characters. You can hardly buy such custom-made cakes in a regular store. There are a huge number of different options for cakes for the smallest toddlers, as well as for older children. Such a custom-made children’s cake will be a real surprise that even parents will not resist.

There are a lot of special shops where you can order a children’s cake. First, you need to find out what products are used to make a cake for children. These should be exclusively natural dyes, and only fresh products. Natural ingredients make children’s cakes very tasty and, most importantly, healthy. Parents can be calm about the health of their child. If your child is allergic to food, it is best to inform them in advance.

You can offer your own version of making a children’s cake. Describe in detail what shape the cake should be, what colors, what design, for example, it will be a standard children’s cake, with an inscription on top, or the whole cake will be in the form of some kind of cartoon character, or in the form, for example, of a typewriter. You can choose the shape of the cake, the filling, the color. Children’s cakes absolutely do not limit either your imagination or the imagination of your children, invent and create with the hands of confectioners. One of the most important stages of creating a cake is its design. If you already know what the cake should look like, then tell it to the pastry chefs, they can make your fantasy come true.

Birthday cake for girls

Birthday is a special occasion for everyone, and even more special for girls. Unlike boys, girls like to plan well and plan their birthday ahead of time, and they want everything to be perfect. From decorations to food, everything is carefully thought out at the girl’s birthday party. A girl’s birthday cake should be beautiful and personalized. It is very important that when baking a cake for a girl’s birthday party, you try to come up with some unique and special ideas that will make the cake the center of attention at the party.

Cake ideas for girls

If your little girl loves princesses, superheroes and everything in between, any of the Lulu Birthday Cakes will win her over! Think about what your birthday girl is fond of and present the baby with a cake in a given theme. For example, if a girl is engaged in dancing, then you can decorate the cake with mastic figures in the form of ballet pointe shoes. Don’t forget to check the images of the cakes we baked earlier. You can find them in the gallery of works on the Lulu website. They will help you find inspiration and decide on the design of the cake for the order.

Cake for a boy to order

Our studio will make the perfect custom-made cake for a boy without any problems, which will make the birthday boy’s eyes shine even more, although it would seem that it is no longer possible. Only the masters of our pastry shop create the impossible. Many years of training and the baggage of experience behind them make their baking truly unique, for which you want to come back again and again, and no matter what the reason. If there is no suitable design in our gallery, then feel free to express your wishes.

We are open to any suggestions and creative impulses. After all, the first birthday of your little man is a really special day, for which you should try and put your whole heart into it. In general, children are wonderful. The opportunity for them to taste a healthy yet sweet cake is just another way to thank them for being so special. Does your baby adore cartoon characters or already has a hobby? Then tell us about it soon and we’ll put his hobbies on top of mastic and a few cakes.

You need to order a children’s cake for a holiday in advance, namely 3 days before the desired date. Make your children’s party unique by ordering a cake to order.

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