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Order exclusive cupcakes for your party

Previously, the word “cupcake” was not meant to be! And small dainty cakes, and large pastries, more like a pie in shape. With the arrival of the western “pastry shop” on our market, various cakes bearing the name “muffin” were divided into categories called tricky words of English origin. And now how not to get lost in this diversity?

In fact, there are three main types of cakes that we used to refer to as muffins – muffins, cupcakes and muffins. What is the difference between them?

Muffin is a medium-sized yeast sponge cake filled with dried fruits, nuts or fruits. It can be rectangular or oval.

The cupcakes are smaller than their “big brothers” cupcakes. They are baked in special round paper or metal tins. Cupcakes also differ in that they have no fruit or nut filling, but a special cream is applied on top, which is the main “highlight” of the dish. It can be brightly colored with a variety of pastry decorations, which makes the cupcakes very beautiful and colorful. This means they are able to decorate any table!

Muffins are as miniature as cupcakes and are baked in exactly the same tins. But, unlike them, they are not decorated with cream on top. In terms of composition, they are more like muffins – the same sponge-yeast dough with nut or fruit filling.

And muffins, muffins, and cupcakes wonderfully come out from under the hands of skilled hostesses. Thankfully, social media and food forums are full of recipes.

They can also be ordered from professionals – sweet gifts will be delivered to your home or office. They can decorate the holiday and save time. In addition, cupcakes and muffins from professional pastry chefs are guaranteed to be lush and tasty, and cupcakes will also be bright. Both in pastry shops and in online stores, their choice is huge! You may also be interested in holiday cakes, which are also made to order.

Cupcakes to order in Kiev

If you are interested in where you can order cupcakes in Kiev, then you have come to the right place. Lulu confectionery studio has been making custom-made cupcakes for many years. You have the opportunity not only to choose from the gallery, you can also place an individual order with your drawing or figurine. Original, exclusive cupcakes are a gift that will delight any person.

Hurry up to buy custom-made cupcakes in Kiev and treat yourself or your loved one with a delicious, original dessert!

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