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Wedding cakes

Wedding cakes to order Kiev

Preparing for the wedding is a very crucial moment. We must not forget to think over all the details, from the decoration of the hall to the banquet. The most important thing at the end of every wedding is the wedding cake. You can choose a cake on our website or place an individual order.

Order a wedding cake in Kiev

A wedding in the life of any person is a special event! It’s hard to argue with that. Modern newlyweds do not want to just arrange gatherings with relatives and friends, they want to turn their holiday into a real celebration, at the same time stylized and interesting. There are many wedding styles: there are no restrictions on the flight of imagination. A wedding in a nautical or pirate style, rustic or rustic, Italian or Hawaiian, in a retro style, maybe even just a “color” wedding, where the same color dominates in the whole decor – there are endless options. This is an unforgettable day for the bride and groom, but also a special celebration for all invited guests. A worthy conclusion to any wedding or its culmination should be the main dessert – a wedding cake, which will be a delicious treat, while corresponding to the atmosphere and style of the wedding.

It should be bright in order to be remembered and very tasty and sweet. There is such a sign that when the newlyweds cut the cake, happiness will be indivisible, and the tastier the wedding cake, the better their life will be. Every year, confectioners offer new options for decorating wedding cakes. The design of wedding cakes is getting new colors.

Special attention is paid to decorating the cake. At the top, it is decorated with various figurines, which symbolize peace, family well-being and prosperity in the house. Hearts and angels look great. A beautifully decorated wedding cake is a decoration for a celebration.

Wedding cakes are made from natural and always fresh products. You can choose the design yourself. The cake can be classic. This is a cake with white tiers. Cakes of unusual shapes, colors and designs are also popular with newlyweds. Basically, custom-made wedding cakes are made in round and square shapes. It should fit very harmoniously into the style of the wedding. A wedding cake with an unusual shape and design will delight all those invited to the wedding. Cakes in the shape of a heart, or two hearts look tender and beautiful. The most popular is the white wedding cake color scheme. You can choose any color of the cake, but you need to take into account the style and color scheme of the wedding. The cake can be made to match the color of the dress or bouquet.

Exterior wedding cakes

  • It can be a classic dessert using decorations made of mastic, chocolate, caramel, ribbons, fresh flowers, glazes. The colors of this cake are dominated by neutral shades of beige, blue, white, pink, golden colors. The shape, as a rule, is also classic (round or square) using one or more tiers;
  • Custom designed cake. Such a cake usually has several tiers or generally has a non-standard shape (heart, suitcase, horseshoe, etc.). Dessert can also consist of several pieces, be decorated with figurines (bride and groom), thematic decorations (anchor, bird, etc.), have a humorous design;
  • Another option is a tart cake, made up of individual pieces of dessert or individual cupcakes, laid out in tiers.

Multi-tiered cakes are gaining momentum. This piece of confectionery art will look great in the photo. Each of them can be made with different fillings, thus please everyone invited. The combination of chocolate and fruit will appeal to everyone. Each client will find in such a cake exactly what he loves. Delight your friends and wedding guests.

The taste of the wedding cake

All wedding cakes are beautiful on the outside – roundness of lines, richness of decorations, unusual design – all this is inherent in them. But what about taste? Of course, it is no less important than appearance. Therefore, it is important to remember about the choice of the filling, about the base of the cake. You can choose a chocolate dominant in taste or nutty, fruity or yoghurt, with the addition of fruits, syrups, candied fruits, vanilla cream or cottage cheese, butter or chocolate. The cake will be so delicious that all guests will remember for a long time. In a way, a wedding cake will be a shade of your self-expression, which is why you need to be careful when choosing ingredients.

What do you need to order a cake for a wedding?

First, decide on such important aspects as:

  • wedding style (this will determine the style of the cake);
  • the number of guests, their taste preferences, based on the age category of guests (this is to determine the weight of the cake and its filling);
  • the time of the year when the wedding is held and the place of the holiday (you will need to take into account the storage conditions of the dessert and its delivery).

It is better to choose a cake with delivery, so you will save yourself from unnecessary inconvenience on this important day.

LuLu confectionery studio will be able to make a cake for you from a standard shape to the most exclusive one, with any design and decor. Experienced craftsmen will make your wedding masterpiece the way you want – the main thing is to be ready for experiments and not limit yourself in this matter. Choose first the main shape of the cake, its filling, and then the color and decorative elements. The cake will definitely be remembered by everyone at the wedding and will look great on memorable photos of the holiday!

What questions should I ask a pastry chef when ordering a wedding cake?

What is the price of a kilogram of dessert – it is important for you to understand how much cake to order based on the number of guests. Next, clarify the filling options and choose the one you need, express your wishes for the filling, the composition of the cream, the base (cakes), etc. On which stand the cake will be and what kind of decoration is possible – you need to discuss all the options for dessert decor. And specify how much in advance you need to make an order, how to pay and arrange the delivery of the dessert (where and when to bring it).

By ordering a custom-made wedding cake to Kiev, you will be sure that your holiday will go off with a bang. The beginning of family life should be sweet. You can rest assured of transporting your wedding cake. It is transported in special packaging, which excludes damage on special vehicles. Delivery of a wedding cake to any area of ​​the city of Kiev is always carried out on time, because a good ending to the holiday should be remembered for a long time. A custom-made wedding cake in Kiev is a good point at the end of the most wonderful holiday in your life.

Products for making cakes are always fresh. The preparation of a wedding cake is a time-consuming process, so you should negotiate and order the cake in advance. Cakes are made on the day of the celebration, or per day, depending on how difficult the cake is. Wedding cakes will be prepared by professional hands.

You can order a wedding cake in Kiev in the Lulu confectionery workshop, and your holiday will become more colorful and delicious.

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